MP4 video slowing everything down; bogged down; frozen

I hope I'm missing something and can forgive myself later, but..... 3 videos of 15 mins apiece, on individual layers across 3 slides. 

Video: 720HD, 30fps, Rec709, MP4 format from H.264 codec

Machine: Win7: 10 gigs RAM; 1TB HD; Good graphics card.

Articulate 360, specifically SL360

The videos don't play - could be caching - and when they do and I'm finished, I click 'stop' and switch to another slide, with another video no it. No good. Freeze, recovered files x5 and I'm losing hope.

Currently it's frozen again, alt-tabbing back into it and all I have running is Lync, SL360 and that's it.

Maybe it's time to go to HTML5 and just write this course out there?


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Richard Hill

Hi Lawrence,

This might help:

1. make an index html5 player with this code:

2, place it in a folder with your video

3. target it with a WebObject.

This will play through your Storyline, but not interfere with it . But it will be cached. You can make more folders to target for your other videos.