Multi-choice and variables/ triggers

Sep 30, 2015

Hi team,

My issue:

I'd like the user to return to a particular slide when they answer a multi-choice question correctly (or after three attempts).

They have three attempts. There are four options. I have tried setting up a trigger, but it won't work.

Currently, it allows for one wrong answer and then resets the scene on the second incorrect answer.

I'd like it to be able to handle three incorrect answers  and then take the learner to the desired slide.

Any ideas?



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Jahn Vannisselroy

Hi Wendy,

I sussed it out. I was trying to be way too clever. I just needed to add a branch to the relevant slide layer 'correct' or 'incorrect' while in form view. I could easily branch right to the slide I wanted.

I knew I was making it too hard for myself. Everything else in Storyline is very logical.

Thank you for your help.



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