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Judy Nollet

The standard hotspot question is like a multiple-choice question: only one response can be correct.

If you want the user to select more than one area, create a slide with the elements you want. Then convert it to a Pick Many freeform question:

There's more info about Freeform question here: 


Judy Nollet

Hi again, Ron,

You can still use this method.

  • Add transparent shapes over the areas that should be clicked. (You can also add shapes over incorrect areas.)
  • Give each shape a Selected state. (Ideally, this state would be visible, so users can tell that they selected that item.)
  • Convert the slide to a Freeform - Pick Many question.
  • Designate the correct shapes in Form View.

The attached file shows a quick example.

Judy Nollet


This post is in the under the Storyline discussion thread, so my answers relate to that. And it's pretty easy to add states in Storyline.  :-)

No matter which program you use, after you get one set up, you can duplicate it, replace the main image, and then adjust the clickable objects as needed.