Multiple Audio on Different Layers

Mar 09, 2021

What is the best way to force audio to complete on the intro layer before moving on to other layers? The learner can select any layer, but would need to complete that audio before moving on to the next. Once all audio on all layers are complete (in any order) the next button would appear.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tabatha,

You can set triggers to execute when a given piece of media (aka an audio or video file) completes. So to ensure that the user finishes one before moving on, do this:

  • Set all the buttons that access layers so their initial state is Disabled. 
  • Add triggers to the base that enable those buttons when the audio completes. 
  • On each layer, do something to initially disable the base buttons that access other layers, and then enable them when the timeline ends (or the audio completes).
    • You could do this with triggers that change the button states to Disabled when the timeline starts, and then changes them back when the timeline ends. However, if you're using the  Selected or Visited states, this could be a pain to program.
    • An easier option is to add objects on top of the other buttons. For example, put a semi-transparent shape over each one, so it looks dimmed. The shapes on the layer will prevent users from clicking the buttons on the base. Then add triggers to change the state of those shapes to Hidden when the timeline ends.