Multiple FIB and error messages

Hi Storyliners, 

I have been working on this interaction for awhile now. It is a scavenger hunt in which students are awarded clues. The write their letters (one per blank) on the lines and check their answer to see if they are awarded a clue. If incorrect, they can keep trying. 

At first I was getting this error message: "you must complete the question before submitting." Then I made some changes and now I get nothing when the user clicks. 

I have the template started (its attached) and I have to do this for 20 slides. I need it as soon as possible. Can anyone help me? 



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Emily  Goldstein

Please help! 

Alright, after hours yesterday I managed to "fix" slides 1-10, but the problem now is that the letters autopopulate in the text entry fields. 

The screenshot above has autopopulated all of those text entry areas, and this is only slide 3. I have separated the slides by scenes. 

Here is the project file. Advice, anyone?!

Emily  Goldstein


Here is a link to my project. You can see I modified it from multiple text entry fields per slide to one text entry field per slide. 

I am now getting an error EVERY SINGLE TIME I click submit. The error says, "invalid answer you must complete the answer before submitting."

I did answer the question. What is going on? And why does it keep getting stuck on the "would you like to resume where you left off?" page?

Someone please help! 

Mike Enders

Okay, I apologize for the long windedness...

Hopefully this will make some sense.

Quick synopsis:  

1. Add in your submit interaction trigger

2. Change your show layer triggers to instead change the state of your off screen buttons (correct/incorrect) to selected

3. Don't use the same variable (a, b, c, d, etc.).  More than once on the same slide.  Easier approach might be to just have a unique text variable for each letter in the course.  I might recommend just having them type the name so that you go from, say, 9 text variables on a slide down to 1.   

Here's a screencast.  

Let me know if you have any questions!