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Jul 17, 2018


I would like to know if there is a way to present my course in many languages. I have seen your solutions on creating multiple slides and then having multiple copies of the same video, each with their own subtitles/closed captioning. Is there a way to have one video that has multiple subtitle files that can be selected based on the button a user clicks. I imagine maybe 5-10 different languages. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi PV Training!

Were you planning to use Storyline 360's built-in caption editor? If so, you can use the translation feature to generate caption text in different languages. However, you can only use one set of captions per video file. You may be able to use separate layers or slide branching to include all translated versions in one Storyline file. 

Hopefully other folks who have used this kind of set-up can share their experience with you here!

Michelle House

I know this post is older, but I have to pipe in here.  The above reference to a "Translation feature" is totally misguided.  The 'feature'  this links to does NOT "generate" anything as the instructions are to export the caption, use ANOTHER program (or person) to translate and then import back in.

This is not a "feature".  Far from it.  It actually highlights the lack of functionality.

Full instructions from above link:

Translating Captions
Export the captions file for each video or audio track in your course, translate it, then import it back into Storyline. Here’s how:

If the closed captions editor is open, click Export Captions on the ribbon and save the file to your computer.

You can also export captions without opening the closed captions editor. Just select the video or audio track, go to the Options tab on the Storyline ribbon, and click Export.
Open the captions file in a text editor or a translation program, replace the captions with translated text, and save the file with your changes.
In Storyline, select the video or audio track again, go to the Options tab on the ribbon, and click Import to bring the translated captions back into your course.
Closed captions aren’t included when you export text strings from your course for translation.

Shannon Dunn

 Articulate where are you at with this feature request? It's been 3 years since the initial was raised, with Covid and the rapid uptake of learning, this should have been something on your road maps that's already been addressed. 

Like others, I work in a multinational company, need to offer 3-4 languages per course. I don't want to have to reproduce the work for each language or have to do a workaround to get stuff like this happening.  If Captivate can do it, why are you still not keeping up?

Ren Gomez

Hi Shannon,

Can you share more details about what you're hoping Storyline will do regarding translations and what obstacles you're running into?

We made some enhancements earlier in the year for Word translation, so take a look and see if any tips shared in the article help!

Gerrit Wending

Hi Ren,

The feature request is about subtitles/captions, not translations. The community has been begging for the ability to have one video file on one slide that can handle multiple language subtitles. 

So being able to go into the editor and upload multiple SRT files for the single instance of a video. When the video is previewed/published, clicking the CC button in the player  would create a dropdown with all the available languages. I've added pictures to see what this looks like.

As more and more international companies have teams with multiple nationalities working together, we need to have a single player that can display multiple languages simply.

PLEASE implement this feature. We've been asking for this on this thread for 3+ years (and up to 7-8 years if you search the whole forum). It's critical that we can provide this to our learners.

Native Language

Language Menu

Pam Goodin

I have a comment/question that doesn't relate to video but relates to multiple languages in Rise. I only need to create English and French Canadian versions. Would this work: move the already translated French Canadian lesson blocks to below the English blocks in the course. Create a button stack in the beginning of my course to point to the first block of the selected language. On the last block of each of the English and French Canadian versions, create another button to take them back to a Storyline Certification block that has both languages and asks them to click the box to certify and when they do they are taken to the "Exit course" button (translated also in French Canadian). The Exit Course trigger is set to "completed/passed" when they click the button. The Rise course SCORM setting is set to "track using Storyline block".

I haven't tested it in my LMS yet but it really seems like it will work but I'm probably in la-la land so will look forward to insight from smarter people than me. 



I've exactly the same need: use video the handle several subtitle languages.
I'm using Handbrake to include subtitle in the video . Working welll and free. I can check in VLC that subtitles  are correctly managed

What I need from Storyline (and Rise) is to have a player that manage this feature

Maryam Sadigh

I just posted a similar question for multiple languages and found this thread. Captivate offers the GEO location where the language changes based on the location of the learner. Is this something that Articulate has on the horizon? I would like to find an option to use one course in different languages - either in notes or CC. any feedback is appreciated.