Multiple projects in same folder?

Dec 07, 2012

Hi I have a problem. I have multiple single slide projects. In my main project I have a html page calling the other projects html files in an iFrame.

My question is : How do I put all the project files/folders together?? Seeing as all they have to be in order to run.

Is this possible?

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Shabana M.

Hi Phil

Can you tell me how I can add several micro lessons(projects) in to one main project. Captivate has aggregator that allows you to load the swf files and it plays all the projects listed in the Table of contents. Does Articulate Presenter have something like that. I have 50 modules that I need to imbed in to the main project. I would like the users to be able to select the microlesson from the table of contents they want to learn.


Thanks for your help!

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