Storyline 360 and multiple projects in one course

Dec 16, 2016

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Storyline 2.

I'm creating a set of courses based around different roles within the business.
Each role/course will use some of a standard set of Scenes, but which Scenes and the order in which they are presented will differ from course to course.

I also want to only create each Scene once, and because we have multiple course developers, these will be source-controlled. Each Scene will be published as a separate Project, the published items and the project will be zipped into one folder and then placed in SourceSafe.

Thus each course will consist of multiple projects. For each course I have hidden routing slides, which have triggers assessing the course Id and last-viewed scene Id, and then deciding which Scene should be invoked next. This means that only the routing slide triggers need to be amended if the course content should change - each of the individual Scenes are self contained and course independent.

At the moment, all of this is being experimented with inside one large project, and just simulating the use of multiple separate projects.

I know I could use HTML & Javascript to pass/read the course Id and the last-viewed Scene Id between projects.

So, the question - does Storyline 360 handle multiple projects in one course in a better way that using HTML & Javascript ?

Thanks in advance.


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Stu Hilton

Hi Dave,

We don't use the quizzing feature - our course content is based on the application itself, created using the 'Record Screen' tool and then the View and Try versions.

From what I've read it can be done in Storyline 2 (I'm still investigating the exact details). We are considering moving to 360, but need a genuine business reason to do so.

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