Multiple Slides - Return to Original Starting Point

Sep 22, 2014

I am trying to setup this module so that when the user goes through the mod, and they want to return to their "workstation" (2.2 or 9.2)  they it will take them back to either 2.2 or 9.2, depending on their original choice

Users have the option in 1.1 to choose the desktop scene (2) or the laptop scene (9). From here they listen to a intro and then jump to the next slide. Next they can choose which items they want to view, once they have completed a section they are to return to their workstation.  

I am not sure how to setup this mod so that they return to the original slide they started from. 2.2 Workstation for the Desktop, or 9.2 Workstation for the Laptop.

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