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Jun 07, 2012

Hi all,

I originally posted this question in the Quizmaker forum and was told it wasn’t possible in Quizmaker.  Now I am wondering if it would work in Storyline. Here goes:

I want to deliver a quiz to the learner, and if they pass the first time they are marked in the LMS as completed.  If they fail I want to deliver them a different set of questions (in the same storyline file).  If they pass this second test, then they are marked as complete in the LMS. If they fail, then I show them a page with feedback where to call for more info and they are marked as incomplete in the LMS and don’t get any more shots at the test.

Can this be done in  storyline?

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Jamie Morgan

Sounds like it could be done. Our company isn't inside of an LMS so I can't speak for the reporting piece of it. As far as the functionality, you could build in some variables that will take them to a pass page if they pass the first assessment or if they don't, then it will take them into the scene where your 2nd test is.

The challenge might be can Storyline export an "either/or" type of score or if it only allows one test to be scored.

Steve Flowers

Hey, Gordon!

One of the problems you're going to run into in this situation is the reporting of completion and score. Storyline lets you target one set of results. At the moment, you can't modify results variables directly through triggers. This would get you exactly what you want for the scoring push.

On the bright side, with some JavaScript trigger magic, you should be able to force completion.

You'll want to be sure to set your resume to "always resume" to prevent folks from forcing a reset on the test. You should be able to lock folks out of retaking the test using a variable or by using a built in question set (by default, I believe once you've taken a test it won't reset unless you build it to reset).

Will run a test if I get some time this weekend. The methods provided in SCORMFunctions.js should enable you to force a completion and score into the LMS:

SCORM_SetScore(intScore, intMaxScore, intMinScore) or lmsAPI.SetScore(yourScore, 100, 0);


Need to check to see where exactly it's calling to set the results. Should be able to override it.

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