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Nov 20, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have a lot of folders in the 'My Articulate Projects' folder with the title "File name - storyline output". I want to know if its OK to delete them, to save space.

I save all my storyline project files onto a network drive. The only files I tend to save in this folder are the zipped scorm files. I am not sure whether the program automatically creates these folders when I save the scorms.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Louisa,

Whenever you publish a Storyline file to anything other than Review 360 or Articulate Online, it creates a folder in your "My Articulate Projects" folder called "File name - storyline output" and places the published files and folders inside it. If the folder is now empty or if you no longer require the published files, you can simply delete the folder. Just make sure you definitely no longer need the content before hitting the delete button!

Louisa Antoine

Hi Ned,

Thanks for getting back to me Ned.  The folders aren't empty. Please explain what you mean when you say 'if you no longer require the published files'. I only ever use the zipped scorm files to upload to my LMS.

I am not sure why I would need any other type of published file. Presumably, if I deleted one and then realised that I needed it, couldn't I just publish the file again?

Ned Whiteley

Hi Louisa,

If you have already uploaded the files to your LMS and no longer need a copy in your My Articulates Projects folder then I would delete the "File name - storyline output" folder. I simply wasn't sure if you wanted to keep a copy in case you needed to reload it to your LMS for any reason. As you say, you can just as easily re-publish.

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