My Results slide isn't adding results.scorepoints

Nov 21, 2013

Hello, I'm doing a new course and I'd like to collect all the points (just the points) on one Results slide. My Results slide keeps showing 0 points. 

I created another module and the final Results slide worked perfectly, so I'm not sure why it's failing this time. Help?



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Marie DesJardin

Thank you, Dennis!

The way I designed the story, most of the quizzes are answered within the slide. I only go on to a results slide if they get them all right; the Results slide gives a clue.

The final game will have 10 quizzes with no results slide, 5 with a results slide (clue), plus a bonus slide. I want the answer to be revealed only at the end, when the player sees how well he did. I should add, I'm not identifying the hotspots, so the player might well miss some of these slides. I want to add only the points for slides he sees and answers.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

I may be misunderstanding, but you'll need all questions tracked by a results slide to be able to calculate points. If you don't want the user to receive incorrect/correct feedback throughout, you could disable the feedback layers for the individual questions, or set it up to submit all at once as described here. 

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