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May 08, 2019

Hi all,

We are starting to use the Successfactors Mobile App and we are trying to view our Articulate Storyline 3 courses on the mobile app.
However, we are having issues with the navigation buttons. They are not visible right away when viewing the course on the mobile device, more specifically: Iphone.

I have attached a print screen of the preview on my laptop in mobile version and there it looks good. But when opening the course with the app, the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen are actually broader and to see the navigation arrows you need to scroll down, press next/previous, scroll up again to see the full slide, scroll down again to navigate etc.

I've tried multiple settings alread, but the outcome is always the same:

Format HTML5 1 HTML5 /Flash
Player size: Scale player to fill browser window/Lock player at optimal size
Articulate mobile player: selected and unselected

Does anybody have the same experience? Or is there another setting (combination) that I should try?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bernadeta,

Thanks for letting us know you're using the SuccessFactors mobile app. You mentioned you tested the course in a mobile browser outside of the app – did everything look okay there?

If so, I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS administrator to gain insight on what you can do to improve the experience inside the app.

There are also other SuccessFactors users in this community, so I'm sure they can share their wisdom with you, too!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Nyla!

Sorry to hear you're facing the same problem on the SuccessFactors mobile app. Out of curiosity, do you run into the same view on a mobile browser outside of the app?

I hope you get good insight from the community, and of course we're here to help too! If you'd like to privately send your project file to our Support team to test, you can do that right here.

Bernadeta Plewa

Hi all,

The mobile preview on PC looks perfectly normal, it's really in the app that the problem occurs.

But we have done further testing and have noticed that:

SCORM 1.2 files are not compatible with the app. Scrolling is necessary to go to the navigation buttons, swiping is not working well etc.
However SCORM 2004,4 4th edition seems to be doing fine.

@Nyla which type of SCORM file are you using? Have you found any workarounds by now? We want to keep our 1.2 files because we have a couple of really big e-learnings that consist out of several smaller 1.2 files, thus only showing as 1 to do on the overview for trainees, otherwise their course list would be overflooded. Since Successfactors only provides reporting on items that are 100% finished we decided to use 1.2 to be able to check intermidiate progress.

Curious to hear about your experiences with Successfactors & Articulate.


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