Need help for my users!

Aug 13, 2013

We have built and published over 600 courses in Storyline. We publish them to our LMS. We include HTML5 output. No mobile right now.

Output options LMS: Scorm 2004

Report status to LMS as: Passed/Failed  (through testing we found out this worked best with our LMS)

Our courses for the most part seem to work ok. Users take the course, take the test, close out. If they pass, the score is in the LMS and they can access a certificate there. If they fail, the score is there but no certificate. 

We are getting calls from users (more frequently now) that users are taking courses and passing, but the LMS records the status as Incomplete. The appropriate test score is there, and we can even see the test questions and the answers the user gave. 

On the results page, the user only sees the grade they need to pass and the score they achieved. The bottom half of the screen is not showing for them. 

Another odd thing that we are seeing is in the test. Each of our slides has a variable written into it to show "Question x of y" and "x" should be +1 as the slides advance. For the users who are having issues, x=0 the entire time. So each slide will say Page 0 of 12 and never advances. 

This is not happening for all users. And it's very inconsistent. Some users can see the course and test just fine and their score reports to the LMS giving them a completed status with the certificate. While others take the same course and pass the test, but the test questions always show 0 and the last results page isn't complete. The user's score will report to the LMS but the course still shows incomplete with no certificate. 

I have tested the courses in the Scorm cloud and see that it's sending the correct data.

I have a feeling there are certain settings within the users' computers that are causing the problems. We have had much better luck using Firefox and updating to the current add-ons of Shockwave for Director, Quicktime Plug in, Adobe Acrobat, Silverlight, Shockwave flash, and Java Platform. 

Is this a good list? Are there others that we should have users installing in their browser? Do certain browsers work better than others? 

We were smooth sailing for a few months, and lately we have had too many customer service issues. We need to figure out what's causing the problems so we can get back on track. We don't want our customers to have to call us every time they complete a course and have us change the status. 

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Jill! Sorry to hear about your trouble here. Have you contacted your LMS administrators or the vendor to see what they recommend? If everything is working properly in SCORM Cloud I would start with the LMS. Sometimes sharing the log information from SCORM Cloud can help the LMS folks troubleshoot from their end.

Jill Blaser

I have contacted them. We have been working on this for quite awhile now. I have sent them the SCORM Cloud log information, and they can't find any issues. 

The courses that show incomplete are the ones that aren't working as they should for the user. And not for every user, just some. For example, when the test question pages say "Question 0 of 12" on each page and don't add the +1, that course will show incomplete. Another user will take that exact same published course and each question will +1 and the course will complete.

For this reason, I don't think it's an LMS issue. I also don't think it's an issue with Storyline because the courses work as they should for almost everyone. The only thing I can think of that would make the course not work for someone is computer settings. 


Phil Mayor

As it isnt every user then it is likely to be something to do with the users machine setup.

My first thought would be they were using IE9 or 10 and I would see if you cn force them into compatibility mode in your LMS.

When I was an LMS admin I found this tool invaluable

this will collect system details and email them to you so you can look for common factors

Jill Blaser

This is the strangest thing. I was on a mission to get this figured out. I was ready to dedicate real time to this. Since Phil gave me the helpful link to use with those experiencing issues, our problems are become non-existent! I'm not complaining at all. I'm just hoping we are done with the mystery problems. 

I'll let you know if anything changes. 

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