Need help with accessibility and captions

I created captions in SL3 and they work great BUT when I have the video open in a new browser, they do not show.  How can I get the captions to show when the video is opened in a new window?  The details on the video are too small to see if I do not open it in a new browser window but I need the captions.  Any suggestions?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cindy.  Closed Captions are displayed by the Player, and when a video opens in a new window, it's not using the Player any longer.  Only the media appears at that point.

Can you open your course in a new window when it's launched with instructions to maximize the screen?  What is your .story size?

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's an idea:

  • Create a Storyline slide with just the video. Turn off player features so you get a seamless player. This slide has the video and captions. Publish the file.
  • Change the story.html to index.html
  • Insert that file as a web object and set it to open in a new window.

Here's a published example. Make sure to enable pop-ups.

Cindy Pryke

I have 10 videos in the course on separate slides with interactive questions when the video is done playing plus other stuff. So I would create 10 instances of SL with just the video and turn off the player then publish, change to index.html - by publishing in a certain way? and then put that file in the original course on the original slide as a web object to open in a new window.  Have I got it?  I need to be 508 compliant and your published example is what I need.

Tom Kuhlmann

You need two files: your main course and the video player course.

On the video player course, set your first slide then duplicated it for each required video and insert the videos and captions. 

You can publish each slide individually so you'll get 10 video courses.

I'll do a recording to explain. I'll show a few other considerations with the player and CC button.