Need help with layer triggers

Aug 17, 2016

Hi, I have 2 questions:

1. I've created a layer and have added a trigger to a button on this layer, which takes me to another layer. There is a back button on that layer. However, that back button is triggered to take me to the base slide. However, in this situation, I want it to go to the previous layer. How do i do this?

2. How do i duplicate a layer into a slide?





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Walt Hamilton

1. Edit the trigger on the back button to "Show layer ..."

2. If you want the layer to become a new slide, copy everything on the layer and paste it to the slide. Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c, go to new slide, Ctrl-v.  Objects are copied with their triggers, states, and formatting.  If you want the layer to become a layer on the new slide, under the layers there is an icon to copy the layer, go to the new slide, and there is an icon to paste a slide layer.

Suneeta Das

Hey Walt thanks for the quick reply. However, in point 1, there's already an existing trigger which I don't want to remove. I want to add an additional trigger for a different situation. 

Point 2, is there any easier way of doing this? There are about 20 odd layers that I need to duplicate onto slides. Copy pasting is going to be tedious :(

Walt Hamilton

1. The best option is to attach your .story file (or the specific slide if your project is large) here with an explanation of what you are trying to do, and someone will have some ideas for you.

2. In the scenes panel, select the slide with the layers and duplicate it (Ctrl-d) as many times as you need. Then go onto each slide and delete any unnecessary items. For example if you want a different content on the base layer, but the same layers, Ctrl-a selects everything on the base layer and the delete key clears them. If there was a built-in option to copy layers from slide to slide, it couldn't work faster than that.

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