Need help with making the Next button inactive

Okay, I'm trying to make the Next button inactive until the participants clicks on all the buttons or markers. I've been able to accomplish this with the buttons by using  a trigger and the visited state. It works great except for one problem. Once all five buttons are clicked regardless of order, when you click the last button it jumps to the next slide instead of showing the content of the button and activating the Next button. Pulling my hair out on this one and can't seem to find a tutorial.

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Marty

Sounds like you might want to put in a "pivot variable". Setup a variable change to trigger when all of your item states are selected. Setup another trigger to listen for a change to this variable and activate your next button. 

How is your next button activation setup? Are you using custom navigation or built-in prev / next controls? If you're using built-in, you can use your "pivot variable" value as a condition to your next slide trigger.

Marty King

Thanks Steve. I'm using the built-in Next button. I guess I need to add  a variable. I just found a tutorial that explains how to do this. Like I said the Next button is disabled now and you can't advance until you click all five buttons. However, once you click the fifth button it jumps to the next slide. This is what the trigger says to do so it is performing correctly.

Shelley Owens Schaal

Hi Marty,

I am currently working on a course where I did just what you are doing. I created a variable called Complete and set it to "false". Then I created a trigger to set the variable Complete to "true" when all of the buttons were in a visited state. Just for context, when the button is clicked, a slide layer is displayed and they can click another close button to hide the layer.

I also created a layer called Incomplete that displays over top with a message letting the user know they must view all buttons before proceeding. Then I created a trigger to show the layer when the user clicks the next button on the condition that the variable Complete equals "false". This is because the next button is still in the player and if the user clicks and nothing happens, they might not know what to do next.

Finally, I created a trigger to jump to the next slide when the user clicks the next button on the condition that the variable Complete equals "true".

Hope that helps!