Need help with Result Score slide

Jan 25, 2017

Chayuch (greetings)!

OK, I'm stuck on the attached modification of a Pick One template.

I'm having issues matching the correct Results.Score on the Success and Failure Results Slides.

The template itself appears to be edited properly as it allows you to choose the correct answer after you have selected an incorrect answer.

Because you are able to correct your answer, retrying quiz isn't required.

What I'm not getting is the proper Your Score answer on the results slides. The learner must score atleast 80% to continue. There are 5 questions @ 20 points each.

Copying the scene into a new project helped to isolate the many Results variable. There, I'm be able to start from scratch. Just require a bit more  understanding on how variables/score.pass vs score.percent communicate with each.

Anywho any ,and all helps, would be appreciated.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi MaNaCHa R

Looks like an issue with the system variables that are being created with your Results slide.

See attached updated file. I moved your result slide to a new scene and removed the reference to the quiz questions. I then added in a new result slide and the correct variables were created and are used in your triggers to show success/fail layers.

Hope this helps

Your files variables                                                            Variables storyline created when you                                                                                                      add a result slide                             



Greetings Wendy,

Thank you for your time, your screenshots, explanation and edited file.

I did review your edits and can see the difference, however, I'm still not getting the results with it.

For example;
1.  I can get all questions correct, yet still failed
2.  I can get one wrong, before selecting correct answer and still fail

If 80% is all that's needed to pass, then I should be able to get one wrong and pass if 5 questions @ 20 pts = to 100%; then, 1 wrong produce 80% should pass.

What did you get?

I also edited the result slide to not review quiz, because the learner is able to correct answer before moving to the next question.

I'm stumped :-(

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