Need help with variable setting!

Dec 20, 2016

Chayuah (Greetings) fellow members!

I have created an activity that has a base layer and several layers. The user must view each tab before moving to the next scene/slide.

I've set a variable to "True" if all tabs are visited (I also tested the "Down" state) then user may move forward. If "False", not having visited all tabs, when user click the Next button a "Stop...go back"/layer appears prompting the user to go back.

However, when I click the previous button, I can go back and cycle through the remaining tabs but still not allowed to continue when I click the next button.

For your convenience, I have attached the SL2 file.

Thanks for any helps I may receive.


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Ok, having played with it further, though not quite there yet, here's my findings;

1. the initial variable should have been set to "False" not "True"

2. then, the show layer If trigger needed to be changed to "False"

3. I created a temporary "Jump to" scene so I'll know if the variable was properly executed

It executed properly, meaning I was finally able to move forward, but only after having to tab through each label [several times] until all the tabs were visited on the base/top slide. Which was not easy to do the first time.

I'm sure I missed something here!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Manacha - Instead of basing one variable upon the changing of states - I would utilize variables for each. This will prevent confusion.

I've added a variable for each of your layers - that way it adjusts when you view each layer. I think this is what you were asking about.

Take a peek and see if this helps. (I deleted Scene 2 so I could focus on the slide needed for testing).


To: Wendy Farmer, the post states that I removed your comment. That was not may intent. Matter-of-fact, I'm not sure how that even occurred.

To: Leslie,

Ok, I have reviewed and understood 99% of the modifications you made in manachalm.story.

The 1% that I have yet to understand is where to access the initial variable "drizzle" showing False [if] the selected slide(s) have not been "selected, or visited or down".

I can see where to access drizzle in the variable project mgr, but it only shows what the value is equal to.

Does that make sense?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Manacha - when it says removed by author, it's who wrote the post. I assume Wendy actually removed it :)

I'm not sure I'm following your question, but it sounds like you are not sure where I used your variable. So, let me share this tip:

Did you know that when you view your variables, the number will open a new window to show you everywhere it was used?



Ok, I see...the Author posting the comment and not the Author who posted the discussion. Thank you.

Back to 'drizzle' variable. Yes, I was able to locate the variable you created in the manager.

My confusion came from a past variable I've created and tried to modify for this activity without success. Here's what I did in the past;

1. created an initial variable=False

2. then, created an Adjust variable action for the initial variable
    a. set Value to False
    b. When the State of
    c. All of {selecting specific slides}
    d. Is Visited or Selected, etc

This variable worked when I used if for slides in its own scene. Didn't appear to work for the Accordion interactivity where the slides are contained in the scene.

What you did was bypass the Adjust variable action and simply created OR conditions for the related slides within the scene...BRAVO!!!

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