Need reveal objects to stay displayed after clicking the target, and clicking the next targets

Nov 02, 2015

I have a slide with 3 buttons. When you click each button, a reveal object displays. Right now, when I click button 1, button 1 objects appear, but go away when button is in visited state, and never show again.


I need the visited button objects to stay on screen until the end of the slide.


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Ryan DeWitt

Hi Cindy, you'll need to set a variable for whether or not a reveal is active (that has been pressed). like 1 or 0

As soon as the reveal is pressed it is set to "1" active. 

Every button has 3 triggers that show reveal states if there value is 1.

You need 3 variables. RevealStateVal1, RevealStateVal2, RevealStateVal3.

Wish I had more time I'd crank this out for you. 

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