Need some ideas: changing a state with a trigger


I am currently creating this drag and drop interaction where learners need to drag the circles on the right to the correct circles on the left. The middle triangle section "Level of detail" is supposed to change to "correct" or "incorrect" based on the learner's choice. 

What I am trying to figure out is how to change the "Level of Detail" triangle back to a normal state after the learner has dropped one of the drag items. Right now, it will just stay at either "correct" or "incorrect." Ideally , I would like the "correct" or "incorrect" state to be up for a few seconds and then go back to normal once the learner tries again.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?? Thanks! 


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Nathan Rightmer

Also - the way I tried to set this up currently, but it's not working is to have three triangles off the slide with animation paths. Each animation path is set to start when one of the circles is dragged on a drop target. When the animation completes, the triangle is supposed to return to normal, but for some reason it's not doing it.