need to be able to Pause/Play a timeline with a swf on it

Dec 12, 2012

Has anyone figured out a way to have a play pause button to pause and play the timeline? 

I have made custom buttons by replacing the blue box with a round button png) which works on all my slides normally by having a play and pause layer that starts and stops the timeline by showing and hiding the opposite layers. (ie Pause shows, hides self and shows play when clicked and vice versa)

This works on plain slides with just audio and objects but on a slides with swfs, this same process does not work.  I don't want to show the thick gray slider bar because I have animated graphics and it would distract from the animations and it would only pause the swf when I have fading / timed text with the audio.

I followed the instructions in the other blog about how to  play/pause a timeline, which works on slides with no swfs, but with swfs, the pause base layer does not work.  Any ideas? 

A good upgrade would be "pause or play timeline" trigger in the native course controls on the triggers panel. 

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