Need to Ensure That Learners Watch the Course in a Specific Order

Feb 08, 2024

Hi Heroes,

I'm trying to set my page so that learners click on each number to move to that section. Where I'm running into difficulty is that I need to prevent learners from being able to click ahead. For example, I need them to click on #1 and then watch the information in the scene. Then click on #2 and watch that scene before being able to advance to #3, etc...I've looked here and have checked YouTube but haven't found anything that addresses what I need. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Walt Hamilton

If you are using the built-in menu, Restricting the navigation forces them to visit slides in order.

If you have a custom menu, or talking about steps on one slide, this discussion has a sample that will get you started:

The Restricted Navigation does not show the link to the next section until the previous section has been viewed. The Mixed Navigation allows the various sections to be visited in any order, but does not allow going to the End until all sections have been viewed. The Free Navigation allows the sections to be visited in any order, and the End to be visited at any time.
Clicking the menu objects jumps to other slides, but you can easily modify those triggers to do what you want.