"Netflix-like" back and forward 10 seconds buttons

Oct 08, 2021

A couple playback things I think would be helpful in Storyline. 

1) Buttons to skip back ten seconds (and maybe even skip forward ten seconds)?

Notice how Netflix has added these buttons:

back and forward ten seconds

I'd imagine this is from a lot of usability testing since it is Netflix. I also like these because I find I use the "back ten seconds" button quite frequently when watching Netflix. When you miss something, it is such an easy way to rewind just a bit to hear what you want.

YouTube has a similar keyboard-based feature. Press the back and forward arrows on the keyboard and it skips back or forward 5 seconds. Press J and it skips back 10 seconds. Press L and it skips forward 10 seconds.

Now imagine if the seekbar is locked down in a Storyline course and someone misses something and wants to skip back a little and rehear it. Too bad, can't rewind (at least until you reach the end of the slide). Wouldn't it be useful to at least allow the learner to skip back a little like this?

Item # 2:

I like to allow the user to drag the seekbar (because of reasons above, and also because some people read faster than narration). But then I also like to lock down the menu and Next/Prev buttons. However, I've discovered that if the user drags the seekbar to the end of the seekbar and holds it there, it quickly starts skipping through all the rest of the slides!

This means that someone who discovers this has now found a way to defeat the locking of the Next button. They just drag the seekbar to the end and it flies through all the slides. Here's how I think this should work instead: Storyline should reset it so that the drag ends as soon as the next slide displays. If they want to skip that slide, they are going to have to drag the seekbar again. Introduce some friction so users can't just fly through the slides without effort.



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