New Release- Lightbox error?

Feb 20, 2018

Hi! Just updated to the latest release, and my lightbox slides have gone wonky. How do I fix this? Is it a new bug?

If my browser is full screen the lightbox is too large and cropped and the x is not accessible. If my browser is smaller the lightbox is too small. (The player settings allow to resize to fill screen.)

I've attached images. My project is due Monday!?!?!


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Traci P

Hi Wendy! Thanks for the quick response. I'm working on a 6-month long project that is due on Monday. There are so many variables and triggers to make it work. Rebuilding or importing the module isn't an option this late in the game. 

I was able to replicate the issue in a new module. I've put in a ticket. Hopefully there is a workaround or solution. 01273396

Traci P

Just to add from my testing, this is an issue if the browser is allowed to fill the screen. If it's locked then it doesn't seem to be a problem. I did a new test item, and I can't even see the x to close the lightbox.  Also the too large/cropped version of the lightbox seems to happen in Chorme not IE. 

Daniel Mensch

Hmm.  If a new release, which includes a "fix" related to the lightbox, (Fixed: We fixed some issues with lightboxes in HTML5 output, including matching questions that wouldn't work and exit buttons that were offscreen) results directly in said feature no longer behaving as it very recently did, one would hope the word "possible" disappears quickly from the log. 

Anyway, regarding the workaround, does "locking the player" refer to player/other/player size/lock player at optimal size?  

Traci P

I think you're correct on the lock player to optimal size as the setting. It seems to fix the issue. This isn't an option for me, so I think I will restructure a bit so that lightbox slides become layers or just regular slides. Not ideal, but I don't think it will be solved right away. On the bright side the CC on the Lightbox slides is working now. 

John Fitchett

I am having the same issue (as explained here: )

The issue with locking the player at optimal size is that it doesn't scale to fit the screen sizes of different devices. So for example, if someone has a small screen on their pc, there is potential that they will need to scroll around the screen to see the content.

Can anyone from the Articulate team comment on this?

Daniel Mensch

I can also report that the standard setting we already have in place is with the locked player at optimal size.  And just as John reported in his thread, the lightbox text doesn't fit in the screen, and this is a behaviour clearly linked with updating to the latest release on 20/2. 

Would as well really appreciate some insights from the Articulate team. We are making updates to two courses in 30+ languages that in the coming days need to go out on Articulate Review for checking by local colleagues. The lightbox feature is used for a drop down menu accessed anywhere in the course, and thus is quite predominant in the course and will easily cause confused and negative reactions that are difficult to explain away. 

Ashley Weser

I am seeing the same issue.  A temporary fix, under the player settings, is to "Display at users current browser size" and "lock that player at optimal size" and "allow users to resize browser".

The coaching note for clients that must accompany is that to resize the story, they can use the browser settings  to adjust up or down.  

Caryn De Buck

Just want to add that I am also having this problem with  a light box slide. I have the player set to "Scale to optimal" and I have a user that cannot see the close button because the light box slide is displaying larger than the player. It seems to be happening to only some users. We're using IE11, which I know isn't supported but it's the only one my company allows. I would lock the player but we have so many different screen resolutions out there and I made it fit the largest resolutions so for some that would mean they would need to scroll to see the whole project. It has custom illustrations throughout and I can't scale it down. If we could get this solved ASAP that would be great. 

I did the update because I was having an issue with close captions not displaying. The update fixed that but now this is broken. I've just traded one problem for another and my client group is not very understanding of technology issues.

Any update on when this will be fixed would be greatly appreciated :)

Kevin Greig

I'm also having Lightbox size issues since my latest update. I'm exporting HTML5 only with the player set to "Scale player to fit browser" in a project update that was built two months ago (when it worked correctly). The lightbox correctly displays at circa 80% of the base player size, but if the browser window is not in perfect ratio to the articulate player size, the lightbox is reduced to up to circa 50% of the base player size rendering the fonts in my HELP lightbox illegible.  
This has left me unable to supply simple amends to an already release project. I've checked my backup files and none of the player settings are different, yet the lightbox scales to an unusable extent. Is this a known issue with the latest release or do I need to open a ticket?