New update = shape sizing problem, unresponsive error when used through Reach 360.

Mar 22, 2024

Just installed the newest update.

Has a problem where the formatting as visible in the slide did not match how things ended up on preview. For example a shape covering the whole slide did not cover the whole slide on preview. Buttons placed in the lower edge of the slide were cut off from view on preview. A button set to appear on the timeline towards end of the slide did not appear and learners received an error message - time out unresponsive.

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Sam Hill

Hi Robin, I would recommend you raise a support case for this issue. Let them know which browser you are using (Chrome, Safaria, Firefox, Edge) and what operating system you are using (Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS). Screen shots of what you are seeing may also be useful.

I've seen recent reports of issues with buttons from the player being incorrectly aligned. It may be a related issue.