Newbie Question Regarding Screen Recordings

I use Adobe Captivate on a daily basis to build courseware teaching software use, installation, etc.

I am evaluating Articulate Storyline, and of course there is a bit of a learning curve.

I used Storyline to create a screen recording of a software application. I inserted into the project as a step by step video. Issue is, I do not want the gray popup boxes requiring the user to click "Continue". How do you remove (or not include them) these popup caption boxes?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jack and welcome to Heroes! 

There are three options for a step by step screen recording to be inserted: 

  • View Mode Steps allows you to insert your screen recording as a demonstration for your users.  The demonstration is not interactive.  It simply allows your users to see a process in action.
  • Try Mode Steps allows you to insert your screen recording as an ungraded assessment, which is an opportunity for users to test their knowledge.
  • Test Mode Steps allows you to insert your screen recording as a graded exam.

It sounds like you're using Test mode, and seeing the "Incorrect" or "Correct"  or Try again feedback pop ups? You could disable them before inserting the screen recording as you'll see below:

Or, those elements are also included in layers for each slide. You could modify the behavior on a slide by slide basis that way. 

For more information on working with the screen recording set up, you may want to review the tutorials here. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jack,

If you click on the link Ashley provided (Inserting or Deleting Screen Recordings tutorial), you'll see the options for the various kinds of screen recordings, plus more information that you're perhaps wondering about.

Specifically re Try mode, here's a Screen shot from that page