Next button gone when returning to slide- SL2

Sep 30, 2014

I've been really excited for the new SL2 feature where you can disable the next button until the learner finishes interacting with the slide (using the hide until states have changed). However, if a learner moves forward a slide, hits the previous button and goes back to that slide, the next button is gone again until the complete all the interactions another time.

Is there a better way to program that button, or a way to make it stay (resuming saved state doesn't work). I would guess it needs to use variables. Can I even do that? 

Or do I need to go back to making a custom next button? BOoooooooo. :(

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kristin,

Of course we/I don't know how you're changing states, so this might not work for you, but perhaps it will get you in the right direction. VERY simple slide, all function, no form!

I'd set it up one way the first time and it worked, but users couldn't interact with the slide on subsequent visits, and I assume you want them to be able to ? (you know what happens with assume), so I changed my mind and did it differently. If this isn't what you want, just shout out! The first way didn't require a variable; as far as I can tell this way does.

There's a T/F variable called SlideVisited; default is false

Learners must click on all 3 shapes

1st trigger adjusts the SlideVisited Variable to true when the state of all of the objects HAVE changed

2nd trigger changes the state of the Next button to hidden IF the SlideVisited Variable = False

3rd trigger changes the state of the Next button to normal when the state of all the objects HAVE changed

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