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Apr 29, 2016

Hi Hero's - hopefully someone can assist me. I seem to experiencing a bug on the functionality of a "Next" button state. The way I've set up my training is one Scene offers the learner to select a button based on their role in the company, this then takes them to a new slide the outlines the type of training. I've set the state of the "next" button to be hidden when the created two buttons to choose from the timeline starts, and to be normal when the learner has visited both buttons. Initially this works well, however if I click previous on the slide and view the previous scene and go back into the slide it will not show the "next" button and the course can not continue even though the two buttons are in a state of being visited. Does anyone know what I can do to correct this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug!

If you have the slide set to reset to initial state, this could be the issue. Walt's suggestion may be more in-line with the issue if the states of the buttons are changing.

I also wanted to mention that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.

Feel free to share your.story file as I mentioned above.

Doug Dewan

Hi Walt, thank you for your response. The way I've set up the slide is:

"Change state of next button to Hidden when the timeline starts"

"Change state of the next button to normal when state on all of (button 1) and (button 2)  are visited"

The goal being that once the two buttons are in a visited state the next button will appear and they will be able to progress. This happens, but if the user clicks "Previous" button and goes to the previous slide and comes back into this slide the next button is not there and they get stuck there.

Walt Hamilton


You said: "Change state of the next button to normal when state on all of (button 1) and (button 2) are visited".

The "When " portion of the trigger tells what action the trigger should watch for, so it knows when to fire.
"When State is ..." is not an action, and therefore does not work to initiate a trigger. This is not your fault; it is an error on the part of Storyline's programmers. It should not have been included in the trigger wizard in the "When ... " dropdown, even though sometimes it does work. It works sometimes if it is listening at the exact moment a state changes. Those rare times are highly dependent on timing and a great deal of luck. Who wants their interaction to work "If I get lucky?"

It is, however very reliable when used where it belongs, and that is in the conditions portion of triggers.

Change it to "When timeline starts if state of...", and see what happens.


Doug Dewan

Hi Walt, still having trouble with this. I've attached the portion of the presentation I am trying to make work.  What I'm attempting to achieve for example, is when "Plant Admin" is chosen in "2.1 Plant roles", it will go to the associated profile. In this case "1.1 Plant Training Profile 1"  - In this slide before the NEXT button appears the user needs to click on both the "Internal" button and the "External" button. (When they select these a lightbox appears to show the access) - once both are selected the "Next" button appears. This works for the most part - but if for some reason they hit the previous button to look at another role and come back in again, the next button is not showing and will never show. I've also noticed that sometime the "Plant Admin" button is showing not selected as well when they click previous.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

Thanks for providing a bit more information here and the ability to take a look at your file. So it's only happening when they're revisiting the slide using the previous button - and then the next button is missing and the user isn't able to advance? The description matches a known bug with the next button and how if you've set the state to hidden or disable on timeline start, and then are revisiting the slide the button is still set in the initial timeline position. 

Hope that helps, and I'll include the thread here to be included in the report with our QA team, and we'll update you once there is any additional information here. 

Doug Dewan

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for this, however I don't think this is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. The NEXT button is hidden when you start the slide, upon clicking on "Internal Training" & "Internal Training" The NEXT button will be revealed which is what I would like to happen....if at this time I click on PREV instead of NEXT and then come back into the slide from the slide before it the NEXT button will still be hidden despite the two Internal and External buttons being visited. Even when clicking on those two training buttons again the NEXT remains hidden and we can't advance. I think your solution is proposing when clicking on the NEXT button if I understand it correctly.  



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug!

I took a peek at your file.

I think you are experiencing the same issue that has been shared with our support team. You are expecting your Next button to still be visible because the states of the buttons are visited, correct?

I'm not sure what the Next button does though. I didn't see a trigger.

Doug Dewan

Hi Leslie,

The opposite actually, sorry I haven't been able to convey the issue more clearly. The NEXT button is hidden until the two training buttons are visited, once they are both visited then the NEXT button should appear or normal state. (which it does) and all is good. However, if I then click previous and go to the previous screen and jump back to the original screen by clicking on 'plant admin' for example - then the next button is hidden and nothing I do can make it normal or visible and we can not progress further.


Walt Hamilton



Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but here is what I mean:





The 3rd trigger is the one that you want. Check the video to see it in operation.


Personally, I find that the visited states do not always persist as long as I always want them to, and I am much more comfortable using variables, like this one that you already have:



You have it attached to the External Training button, but I would attach it to the slide:


Then put a trigger on the External Training Button to change the variable:


Do the same for the Internal button and variable, and of course, you would have to set External and Internal to default to False.







Doug Dewan

Hi Walt, thanks again - were you able to make this function. It still doesn't reveal the NEXT button when I click on both Internal and External. The buttons are set as 'false' in the variables and then made true by clicking. Not sure what is wrong and why I can't get it to work.




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug!

Move your trigger to adjust the variable up one level. The lightbox is opening before it can be adjusted. This would be needed for both buttons.

Articulate Storyline lets you apply multiple triggers to the same object. You can also apply triggers to master slides and content slides. Here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when learners view your published course.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doug!

In your file, you had the next button changing to normal when the timeline started if External/Internal were true, but you are not re-starting the timeline. That's why you are only seeing it if you go to the previous slide and return.

You need the next button to change while you are on the slide as Walt is sharing. Your file is attached.

Doug Dewan

Hi Leslie, thank you!

This almost works for what I was looking to achieve. The reason I added when the timeline starts was because I was hoping that when re-visiting the Plant Training slides the NEXT button would still be showing as the two internal/External buttons have already been visited. Currently as it is, even though they show visited when you re-enter the slide from the previous Role Selection slide you still need to click on one of them to have the NEXT button show again even though they are greyed out as visited.  Ideally, what we would like to see, is when returning from the previous slide the NEXT button to already be in the normal state as the external and internal buttons are in a visited state.

One other thing I've noticed is when selecting "Plant Admin" on the 2.1 slide, it turns it grey indicating it was visited, once in 1.1 if you hit previous, then select a different role in 2.1 , then hit previous again "Plant Admin" will sometimes be greyed out and sometimes return to green. Not sure if this is a known issue or a logic thing.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Doug

I've updated your file with a number variable called hub_visits.  I have then addd this variable into a trigger on the slide 1.3.  (put a purple shape on it just for testing).  I think it is doing what you want. If both external and internal buttons are grey and you go forward and then return to this slide, the next button is 'normal'.