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Apr 29, 2016

Hi Hero's - hopefully someone can assist me. I seem to experiencing a bug on the functionality of a "Next" button state. The way I've set up my training is one Scene offers the learner to select a button based on their role in the company, this then takes them to a new slide the outlines the type of training. I've set the state of the "next" button to be hidden when the created two buttons to choose from the timeline starts, and to be normal when the learner has visited both buttons. Initially this works well, however if I click previous on the slide and view the previous scene and go back into the slide it will not show the "next" button and the course can not continue even though the two buttons are in a state of being visited. Does anyone know what I can do to correct this?

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Swissport Training

Thank you Leslie for getting back to me regarding this. I have managed to find a workaround that so far seems to work. I think the issue is that when going to the previous slide, even though it has already been viewed, and it essentially resumes the saved state of the slide, storyline is still technically starting the timeline on that slide again, even though it has already been viewed. Because I had a trigger set up "when the timeline starts on this slide, hide the next button" it would then continue to hide the next button again. I can only assume that the function of restricted next/back buttons is doing a similar thing. 

My workaround is, rather than have it hide the next button when the timeline starts, I have it hide the next button when the timeline reaches 0.5 seconds. I then set the state of the slide to resume saved state when returning. and that seems to keep the next button visible allowing you to click back without having the issue of not being able to then click forward. 

I will upload the test storyline file I created. For some reason when I removed my companies theme/layout I couldn't replicate the issue where when using restricted next/back buttons i would still have the same issue where revisiting a slide would mean the next button would disappear when there was a "visit all markers" requirement before being able to continue.

I have put some instructions on the slides, hopefully, this is easy to follow!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Adam.

I can see the evolution of your thought process and I'm glad to see that you started figuring it out.

Restricted navigation means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides.

If you have actions that need to be completed, I'd recommend using triggers with conditions as you've done.