Next button not working

Nov 22, 2022

HI all, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on why I'm having an issue with my 'next' button.

On a project I'm working on, one slide has ten different options for the user to select based on a drop down list. clicking each option includes some voice notation, and three links to video files. Users must select them all, but can do so in any order. Once they have, the next button becomes live, based on ten hotspots having a state of selected.

However, if the users finish with a video option, the next button becomes live and then immediately becomes ghosted out again, so the users can't progress. I have a feeling it's got something to do with the videos being on different slides, and the slide resetting when they are returned to it, but it makes no difference which option I choose from out of reset to original state, Resume saved state, or automatically decide... I'm at a loss as to why this is happening. 

I put in a ticket for it at the beginning of this month, but had no response at all from Articulate, so I'm guessing they don't know why it's happening. I thought I'd reach out here to see if anyone has any thoughts I could try.


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Kelly Auner

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out!

I've located your support case in our system and it appears that you haven't been receiving our replies.

  • Please check your Spam/Junk folder to see if our emails have been moved there. If they have, please move the mail from your Spam/Junk folder to your inbox, add the contact as a safe or allowed sender in your Spam/Junk settings, and add the sender as a contact in your address book.
  • If you can't locate our emails in this folder, please ask your email administrator to add to your allow list. We're standing by to help resolve your support request.

I see my teammate, Eloisa followed up with you this morning, so we'll continue the conversation in your support case!