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LaVon Bowman

Wendy, Are you able to help me with another issue? It is the Next button issue again but in different circumstances. On the Compensation Checklist Models slide There are a Next and Prev buttons as well as a custom button "Dr. Smith". 

The Next button is disabled until the user clicks the Dr. Smith button and returns to the Compensation Checklist Models slide.

Then the "Next" button becomes active (linked to LP9 Checklist Process" and the Dr. Smith (custom button) displays the visited state.

Wendy Farmer

Hi LaVon

You are jumping away from this slide to Dr Smith then it restarts your 1.1 slide and the first trigger is Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline reaches 3 secs.  You would probably need to add a T/F variable that is triggered to True when they go to Dr Smith slide, then use the variable in the first trigger on 1.1 change state of Next button to disabled when timeline reaches 3 secs on condition that the variable is not equal to True.


Wendy Farmer

Yes there are best practices but that needs to be combined with 'what is your requirement'?

See attached. 

I've added the trigger to adjust the NextButton variable on the Dr Smith slide and adjusted the trigger on Dr Smith slide to change state of Nextbutton to normal when audio completes. 


LaVon Bowman

 This is great. I went through your work and rebuilt what you did. I want to learn as much as I can from doing it. I really wish I could buy you lunch! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me. You really have no idea how much I appreciate what you do. Thank you!