No-autofit and text wrap format vanishes.

Oct 02, 2019

I have a huge problem with format options vanishing and creating a big mess to all my slides.

The following was happening to all my text elements in my storyline project:
- The "Do not autofit" got changed to "Resize shape to fit text"
- The "Wrap text in shape" got unchecked
- Every text element got resized and repositioned based on the text length and the upper most position the text can be placed when alligned on top.

Attached is a screenshot of one my slides before and after the problem.

Now, the format reset also appears to text elements that I copy from an old version of the storyline file to the new one.
→ Attached is a GIF that shows how the options mentioned get changed when i paste unformated text (the same when I type text).

I think it happened when I saved the story file, closed it and then opened it again. Its also possible that it already happended before closing the story file without me realizing it, but I did not apply new layouts, Master Slides or change anything else on the slides that would explain this behavior.

This happened to me already multiple times to different storyline projects and because I saw the problem only after opening the storyline file, I could not go back to an earlier state. So that always means that I have to redo all the text elements of about 50 pages.

I hope there is a way to avoid this problem. Until then ill try to make copies of the story file every few minutes ;-)

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Raban,

I am sorry about these odd occurrences you are encountering! This is not the experience we would want you to have when developing courses. 

Since you are experiencing erratic behavior with Storyline, I wanted to share some guidelines on best practices: Storyline: Create, Edit, and Publish Courses on Your Local Hard Drive. If you are following those steps, then a simple repair should help resolve the issues you are seeing. 

If you are continuing to run into any snags, please let us know! We are more than happy to help! 😄

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