Non-graded drag-and-drop

Apr 24, 2014

I'm creating a drag-and-drop that requires learners to select items, then justify their choices.They have to select a mix of people to sit on a committee. I have created 8 people to choose from, and the learner drags up to 4 of them to one of 4 chairs around a board table. The learner can choose any of the 8 figures and move them to any of the 4 chairs. There are no right or wrong answers, although I will provide feedback. The point is to get them thinking about how they would form the committee.

How do I do this? The drag-and-drop edit box forces me to link each drag item to one destination. It also forces me to set 'correct' answers.There doesn't seem to be any flexibility.

If there were a way to create drag-and-drop interaction OUTSIDE of the quiz screens, that would be useful.

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