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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks John for the image and sharing it here. I know that this has occurred in the past with updates and installations of Articulate products with Norton security installed.

This problem occurs because the Norton Antivirus script detection is ON, which identifies ALL scripts as malicious by default. Be assured: this is by design and there is no virus in the MsiExec.exe program. Moreover, please note that the MsiExec.exe is a program supplied by Microsoft for software installations.

Articulate has confirmed that this is normal behavior and that many other software packages, including packages from Microsoft, have had to deal with this Norton error, too.

We expect that Symantec will resolve this "false positive" in the future as they have done with other situations like this in the past.

Two possible work-arounds are offered:

  1. From Norton Antivirus, choose Authorize this script or Authorize this Activity Once to allow the installation to finish.
  2. Temporarily shutdown Norton Antivirus before installing SecurLock