Not able to open SL360 files in SL3 - new problem?

I've not run into this problem before the most recent update of SL360. I kicked off a new workshop today and participants on the perpetual license of SL3 cannot open workshop files created in SL360. There are NO features in these files that are specific to SL360 and should open in any version back to SL1. 

I've been using the same files all year and this is the first time participants can't open workshop files. 

Anyone else having this issue?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin,

Storyline 360 projects open in Storyline 3 unless they have:

  • Expanded Quiz Tracking & Multiple Completion Criteria
  • Score Only Viewed Questions
  • Text Styles

You can read more here:

Compatibility Between Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 Project Files

Are they getting a message when opening the file?

Kevin Thorn

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for replying. This is a fundamentals workshop and there first practice files were just an exercise in object states and layers. Same files I've been using all year with no issue.

The odd thing is only 4 participants were getting the error message. Oddly, oddly, these 4 people were also from the same org. Odd coincidence.

The standard error message was about the file being created in a newer version of Storyline. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kevin!

Do you know if they are using the latest version of Storyline 3? I can see this type of issue appearing if they are using an older version of Storyline 3.

If they are using the latest update, then we'll want to bring in our Support Engineers for their expertise. You can connect with them by using this link.