Not getting Audio while publish for Articulate Review 360

Jun 15, 2021

Hi Team,

I have published 2-3 courses for Articulate Review 360, Publishing and uploading is successful. But while accessing the course, audio is not coming. I have checked the published course on multiple systems but the issue is still there, Please help us with this.



Yogesh Dhingra

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Yogesh Dhingra

Hi Ren,

Below is the sample review link and attached is the sample file.

I can't hear the inserted audio(text to speech) on browsers except for Internet Explorer. But Yes, I can hear the audio for any video integrated into the file on all browsers.



Yogesh Dhingra

Lauren Connelly

Hello Yogesh!

Thank you for sharing both the Review 360 link and the .story file. I've tested the Review link using Chrome, and I hear the audio play as expected. I also republished the course to Review 360 and still heard the audio. Here's the Review link.

Since it's playing as expected, I'd recommend looking into audio configurations in Chrome. Ensure the “Allow sites to play sound” option is enabled in the Chrome sound settings (chrome://settings/content/sound.)

Let me know if that makes a difference!