Not just markers....can you have a text box pulse in storyline?

Dec 17, 2014


I want to create emphasis on some words.  Such as "Quiz 1" in a text box and pulsing.  Is there a way to do this in Storyline?  I don't really need the markers with boxes as I don't need for the person to click on them.  Any ideas to make these text or shape boxes do this?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Britannia

i have something similar where the client wants an image to 'pulse'.  I have added a 'glow' to the picture then copied 3 instances of the picture and placed them at stages on the timeline.

so pic 1 - starts at beg of timeline for length of timeline 5 secs

pic 2 - starts at 1 sec for 0.75 secs 

pic 3 - starts at 2 sec for 0.75 secs

pic 4 starts at 3 secs for 0.75 secs

hope that helps


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