Storyline Markers - Editing the Text Box

May 30, 2019

I'm having an issue with the text boxes generated by inserting markers into my projects. The text formatting within the box appears far too close to the borders but when I try to edit the margins of the box the options to adjust them are unavailable. I have also tried colouring the border the same as the inner box and increasing the weight but this doesn't look very good.

Is there any way around this as all I really want to do is add a little padding to the marker text box but it seems to not let me do this?

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David Schwartz

Hi Thomas,

One workaround you might try, if you don't mind the way it looks, is to center the marker text. That way you at least have some control over how close any text is to the borders. Not ideal, I know.

More work, but another way would be to create your own marker graphics, add a Hover state, and then in that state add a caption box that has the parameters you want for the text box.

Attached is an example with both. 

Training Team

I was having the same issue with margins inside of the Marker text box.

After spending time searching and trying things, I found a simple solution.

When you have the Marker's text box open, highlight the text and right-click.

From the popup menu select Paragraph and set the Indentation before text to 0.2 (or whatever you like). You'll need to treat the Heading and body text separately.

The right margin can be adjusted by resizing the text box to look its best.


Peggy E