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Crystal Horn

Hi there, MaryAnne.  We have an issue with Notes displaying properly on question bank slides. I'm adding your discussion to our report so you can be updated with any new information.

It looks like you have the draw set up to draw all questions in the 2.1 Exercise question bank, and they aren't drawn randomly.  As a workaround, could you include the question slides as individual slides instead of in the bank?

MaryAnne Nestor

I have 5 sets of questions making each chapter having 50 questions. The reason the questions are in banks is so that it is easier to find in the document without getting mixed up and to make it easier to jump to new sets of questions or to go back.   The notes are actually directions. Each set of 10 questions may have different directions. Is there any way to set up a button for each set of question banks? In other words, am I able to create a buttton and depending on the question bank, add a different set of directions?

Crystal Horn

Hi MaryAnne.  Try moving the Directions button down a bit.  It looks like the question interaction object is covering it when you view the question slides. 

Even though on the slide master the Directions button is on top, the question interaction will actually be in front on an actual slide.  That interaction placeholder is filled with multiple choices for each slide, so it becomes the top object.  The Directions button stays stagnant on the slide, and it takes a back seat, literally.

Let us know if that helps!

Lauren Connelly

Hi MaryAnn!

I'm here with an update on the bug where the Slide Notes were missing in the Notes tab when drawing from a question bank!

We've released the fix for this bug and it's included in Update 36 (Build 3.36.21213.0) for Storyline 360! To stay up to speed with the newest bug fixes and features, we recommend updating Storyline 360 in the Desktop app!



Hi everyone, 

I 'm trying to get my head around Rise 360 before I really get going with it .I wanted to see what the comment zone looks like when you send your "module" to a co-worker for review, but the Xcel sheet or review sheet is nowhere to be found. I thought the pb had been sorted earlier on. I remember watching the video a couple of weeks ago - it was playing properly back then..- but still the review sheet doesn't come up when a coworker wants to comment on the title or spelling of your module for instance. Any recommendation with thisplease? Thank you very much for your time and your help, Regards, Carole . 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Carole!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you're looking at Collaborative Authoring in Rise 360. There is also an option to send a copy which gives an author their own copy to make changes. You can find more information about Collaborative Authoring vs Sending a Copy here.

We don't have a review sheet in Rise 360 or any of the other apps. We do have Review 360 which is a way to share the courses using a Share Link and receive comments. For example, you can publish a Storyline 360 course to Review 360. 

Please let me know if I can clarify anything!