Notes from previous slide showing up in subsequent ones when uploaded to Dropbox

Feb 05, 2015

I add notes to a certain slides, but not all.  When I preview in Storyline, the notes  show up fine in those slides, and the notes box is blank on slides where I didn't add notes.  However, when I upload the published Storyline to Dropbox for clients to see work in progress, the last notes viewed show up on any subsequent slides that should have no notes.   How can I fix? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


I haven't seen that before - and I'd like to take a look at the file, as I'm unclear on the "last notes viewed" part - do you mean that if you're on slide 1 and it has notes, and go to slide 2 with no notes, you're still seeing notes - and then continue to slide 3 with notes, you'll see those, but if you go back to slide 2, you'll now see slide 3 notes? Convoluted description - but that's why I'd like to take a look at the .story file as well. :-)

Have you tested outside of Dropbox - you could load up to a site such as Tempshare to test further. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edna! I took another look. Are you perhaps viewing the HTML5 output?

I found this information and do seem to have more inconsistencies if I view the HTML5 version of your course.

You may find that some slides in your published course show duplicated text in the Notes tab when both the following criteria are true:

  • The slides with duplicated notes shouldn't have any notes at all (i.e., the Notes panel is blank for those slides in the Articulate Storyline editor).
  • You're viewing HTML5 output.

This is a known issue. To avoid it, add notes to every slide in your course—even if it's just a single space.

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