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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melanie! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

If I understand correctly, you want to be able to store notes that users have created themselves, correct?

I've seen a few different methods for this, but I think the easiest may be to allow them to type information into a text entry field and then call the text variable (%TextEntry%) where you want those notes to display.

For example, you could add a button to a slide (maybe something like "I want to take notes") and open a new layer with that text entry field. They could type in their information and it would be stored to that variable. Later in the course, you could include another button (it could say something similar to "Show my notes for this topic") and you could pull in their information by inserting that variable text. 

Would something like this work for you?

Melanie Mahler-Pioch

Hi again.

That's the e-mail, I got after forwarding your answers. As far as I know, he's no community member yet. So If you have further answers for me, please send them to his e-mail, too. Thank you very much for you help!


Thankyou so much for your email.

Ihave been able to do this using some of the community help but it seems if iwant to have my notes on each page i would have to add code to every individualpage and also have unique variable to store the notes. Our courses have hundredsof pages and run for a week.

Thesystem we use at the moment allows delegates to make notes on individual pagesand also book mark pages. The notes they make and the bookmarks are all storedsomehow on the delegates computer within the application and on the relevantpages for use at a later date.

Storylinefalls shot in this area at the moment.

Whati need is a simple non technical way of achieving what we have at the moment asthe people working on the course development are non technical as far asscripting languages go.

Ithink its one for the storyline developers really.




Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melanie,

I'm afraid I'm not a developer and I honestly don't see a way to do that without using some type of coding.

I'm sorry to say I can't really help with that, but maybe one of our community experts can chime in and give you some suggestions that may meet your client's needs.

Thanks and best of luck!

Holly MacDonald

Hi Melanie - Elearning Enhanced has a widget that might work for you: https://elearningenhanced.com/products/printable-user-slide-notes.

From the website: This widget allows your user to create and save their own notes on each slide which they can print later.  It remembers the notes between sessions so the user can leave the course and come back later to their same notes.  Another use for this widget might be to have students describe something on the slides then copy and paste it into an email.  Also, this widget can be useful to allow subject matter experts or other course developers to take notes about a course before it is made available to students.  

Hope that helps


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Annelize! This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that Jo is still subscribed and it looks as though she was simply referencing another resource. If you listen until the end of that video, it mentions utilizing JavaScript to call a print of the information. You can check out this thread as well as it may be of assistance to you. Otherwise, hopefully someone in the community can chime in and help.