Nuance PDF - Crashing Internet Explorer

Our organization has switched from Adobe Acrobat to Nuance for PDFs.  when opening the Nuance PDF it is crashing Internet Explorer.  This seems to be more a Nuance issue than Storyline, but wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue (is anyone else using Nuance PDF?).  If so, have you found a fix that allows the PDF to be viewed in Storyline without crashing IE?  

I know it is a longshot and we are also reaching out to Nuance to see if they are aware of the issue and a fix.

Thanks in advance.  

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Tim Shelton

Online there appears to be issues loading PDFs in Windows 8 with IE10 or 11. It could be that or that Nuance is incompatible with your browser version, you may need a plugin or another pdf viewer add on. 

IE is the buggiest of all the browsers and has the slowest uptake of new features so I would check you tech specs to make sure its compatible.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chip! I've not seen anything from other users on this scenario, but hopefully if someone utilizes this tool as well, then they will chime in to assist.

I also wanted to mention that replying to the forums via e-mail will attach your signature, but you are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed.

Helen Tyson

I know this is slightly off topic - and this thread is a couple of years old - but it is Nuance related.

Last week I was training Articulate 360 to one of our clients and for 3 days 360 was working perfectly and then Nuance was installed and all 360 elements crashed.  Even after uninstalling Nuance we were unable to reinstall 360 successfully. It is worth noting that the organisation I was working with use IE11 as their default browser, but it also affected all desktop apps in 360 as well as the cloud-based apps.

Has anyone had any advance on the issues described above, or any other experiences that might help in using Nuance and Articulate products on the same device?



Ali Goulet

Hey there Helen,

So sorry you're running into this! I'm not familiar with Nuance, but that does seem rather odd that you're not able to access Articulate 360 at all since it was installed. Since this thread is a bit older, I'm not sure if these users are subscribed here anymore. Would you mind reaching out to our Support Engineers directly over here regarding this? They'll be more than happy to work with you one-on-one to investigate what you're experiencing a bit further. If you do submit a case to them, feel free to let me know the case number here. I'll be sure to follow along with it, as I'm curious to see what they discover as well!