numeric interaction submit not working in storyline

Sep 11, 2013


I have a numeric interaction question as part of a quiz. The answer to this is a single value so have set it to "Equal to". When viewing, if I enter the correct numeric, the Submit button on the player does not respond or take me to the next question. But if I enter the incorrect answer and click the Submit button I can proceed to the next question.

Appreciate your help with this!

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mark mabuna

I have also experienced the very same thing. I have created a question bank with different types of question, all the other types worked fine except the numeric entry. I had a hard time trying to figure out why the submit button suddenly gets disabled when the correct answer is entered, however, if you try to enter an incorrect answer the submit button suddenly works.

I tried using text entry type questions in the meantime to make the quiz work. And it did. But still, I am still waiting for anybody who has finally figured out how to solve the issue in this thread.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark and welcome to Heroes!

I don't see where Rohit or Mike submitted a support case to share their file with us. I found an older case where the workaround suggested was to also set up a trigger to the main layer below the submit interaction trigger. Add a trigger to jump to next slide when the user clicks the submit button.

If you're still experiencing a problem with your file and would like to share it with us here, we're happy to take a look. You can also send it along here. 

Jessica Milligan

I am - I figured it out for myself but it still seems to be a common problem.  I'm not using the Correct or Incorrect feedback per quiz question so I went in and selected None on the Form View.  All the numeric interactions now work for me, however, I am concerned that if I had left them, I would still be experiencing issues.  I'm not sure what finally solved it, but I did the changes for layers and base slides of all my numeric slides to resume where the user left off as well as adding the extra trigger to jump to the next slide when the user clicks submit (this on it's own failed to work).  Which numeric questions worked vs didn't work was random as well.  I hope someone else can gain assistance from all the different options I explored if they run into this problem as well.

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