Limit Numerical Variable Caracters

Jul 14, 2021

Can someone help me?

In short, I don't know if it's possible, what I need is no limit to the number of digits in a numeric variable.

I'm working with a telephone keypad, where the student will click typing the numbers, when he calls the correct number he will advance in the course, but the telephone number has more than 12 digits and above 7 only zeros appear.... .

I created a small file that I attached separate from the course, so you can better understand what I say, but the rest of the creation and programming is ok!

Thank you in advance for your attention!

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Robson Nascimento

Hello everyone!

I appreciate if anyone committed to the solution, I'm happy to be able to help the community with the system in some way...
But, after a lot of searching, I found that it is a limitation of the software, even "7 numeric characters", (I have already expressed my request here to change this limitation in a new update).

I managed to circumvent the system with JavaScript, below is the code used... it worked.

I believe that transforms the numbers into text, but if someone has deep knowledge in JS and can explain it better, I would be very grateful.

I attach files for the case study.

I thank everyone in the community for the commitment and dedication they have in wanting to help.
Robson H.