Object changes position after publishing

Oct 10, 2022


I was wondering (also I didn't find any discussion) if anyone has problems with precise placement of objectives after publishing. For example when you work on a software simulation and you want to have a button highlighted, the slide editor view differs from the preview and/or publisher version. See screenshot below.

I know that when you create the project with 1080p slides you will have more pixels to work with but I got mine in 960 x 540p. Problem is that precise positioning is key in those software simulations - I dont really know why it differs so much in preview or published version (sometimes it looks 3 different ways even for some objects -> looks good in editing stage -> differs in preview -> differs in published version compared to preview)

Is there a twist to it? I can't imagine that I am the only one, lol.

Thanks in advance, Lucas.


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Math Notermans

Im not 100% sure that your issue is related to this, but it might. In the past i noticed that when elements were not positioned on proper even pixels, they tended to shift a bit. Especially with the Modern Player that was the case, as it scales your view. Do test it with Classic Player to check whether it is the same. Alas this is troublesome for simulations if you need to manually reposition everything on even pixels.

KInd regards,