Object State issues

I have a slide with seven click boxes that take the learner to the assigned layer to show a description box. Then I have a button that will close the box and that layer as the same seven click boxes to be able to click to see a different layer, and I want them to be able to revisit those layers and see the same description box. Every time I click the button to close the box the box on the layer doesn't show again. I hope this makes sense.  How can I trigger the layer to display the description box agian?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Catherine

I have updated your file - removing all the duplicate objects you had on every layer and removing any triggers to change the state of an object to selected - these are inbuilt SL states and SL doesn't need a trigger to change something to selected state - it happens automatically.  When you do use a trigger it sometimes creates issues.

Hope this helps