Object Trigger + Condition Not Performing as Expected

Nov 23, 2022

In a course where learners can click a button, swipe, or use the arrow keys to move forward/backward, I don't want them to be able to move forward until after the audio finishes.

I created a variable called AudioFinished and set it to = true when the media completes. Then set conditional object/keypress triggers to jump to next slide when AudioFinished variable = true.

Except it's not doing what I thought it would. When the Next button appears, you can still click it to move forward before the audio is finished. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but can't quite figure it out. 

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Kim Leal

Quick follow up question for you, when you say "and isn't used on a previous slide" does that mean if I have audio on each slide that needs this same sort of rule, I would need a new variable for that slide?

For example, if it has 50 slides, then I would need AudioFinished2, AudioFinished3... AudioFinished50 for each slide containing audio?

If the answer is yes (yikes), is there a more generic trigger I could use to indicate that any audio on a given slide needs to finish before allowing the learner to continue?

Walt Hamilton

It might be that you will need a unique variable for each audio, but I can't tell you that without seeing the project.

Before I created the variables and the triggers, I would try using a Master layout. Duplicate the layout you are using now to create a custom layout with two triggers:

"Set variable AudioFinished to False when timeline starts on this slide." and "set conditional object/keypress triggers to jump to next slide when AudioFinished variable = true."

Use that layout for each slide that has an audio, and what you are using now for those who don't. You will still need to have a trigger to set AudioFinished to true on each slide when the audio ends. (Probably. Maybe if you give each audio the exact same name, you can use a trigger in the master that initiates when the media ends. To me, it is easier to copy/paste the triggers than it would be to rename all the audio files. And the headache of keeping them separate from 50 others with the same name - I wouldn't even want to try.)

Experiment with a few slides to make sure it works. You probably will have to go to each slide, right click it, and change the layout.