Objects in layer becomes out of sync with audio when I return to it.

Hi guys, 

to better clarify, right now i have a multilayered story. i created a trigger in the base layer that when i mouse over an area it shows a different layer that then starts an audio narration. in this second layer, timed to the audio narration are simple objects. 

all this plays fine, no issues really there. the issue comes when i decide to interrupt the the audio midway by moving the mouse outside the specific area that triggers second layer. 

because when i return, to the mouse hover area, the audio resumes from the point it was interrupted in but oddly enough, i am assuming the slide starts from the beginning again thereby causing all the objects to no longer be timed to the narration. 

i set the properties of the layer to Reset to initial state on revisit but this didn't fix the issue. the audio still continues from where it left off in the preview. 

i havent tested it to see if the behavior changes when published. but i will try that. i am using storyline 360.

any help would be great! thanks. 

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