Objects on base layer not hidden

Hi - I have hidden the base layer objects and have even gone into the timeline and checked that all objects are hidden there on the base layer. However, on a couple of different types of quiz questions, it really doesn't want to let go of the main quiz object on that base layer, when giving feedback. Is it a glitch or am I missing something?

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Harri C

Hi Jane,

This is difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the file, could you share it on here?

If not...

It sounds like you've already done a bit of troubleshooting yourself and identified the simple causes, have you tried importing the entire project into a new file? This would address any issues caused by a corrupted file. A Workaround could also be to add the background image on the layer to effectively block out the pesky content from the base layer.

Hope this helps

Jane Booth

Hi again - I have attached a little test story - just taking two examples of the troublesome quiz questions and popping them in here for you to look at. Interestingly, the Try Again feedback on the first question loses the background object.... but the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers pick it up again...

I hope I'm missing something that someone else can see quite quickly.... I tried putting the background layer on as you suggested, Harri, but it proved to be a bit more mucking around than I first thought because I had to add the blackboard picture, then grab the feedback box and lines from the master, paste them, and then repeat that for every layer, on every problem slide... blah blah...

Anyway,  if someone can find out why those base layer objects keep showing up in the feedback layers, I'll be stoked!


Harri C

Hi Jane,

I've had a look at it and all I have really been able to come up with is that it's only happening on the incorrect layer and it happens even if you delete and recreate the incorrect layer. I've looked in the master feedback slide and there doesn't appear to be anything in there that would cause issues.

I think this may be one for the techies Submit a Support Case

Sorry I can't be of more use

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Harri and Jane,

Just wanted to let y'all know that I was curious and created a Sequence D&D on a brand new story and canNOT hide the questions from any layers. That is, the eyes "shut" but the questions remain.

I tried several other built-in quizzes, and the questions hid fine (T/F, MR, MC, Word Bank). Just posting here to show that it's probably not something buggy in your file, rather something being done intentionally by Articulate or something they overlooked and you picked up.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Donna! This thread is quite dated and I was not able to locate any support cases for the users above. Strange enough though, I do see this recently reported to our QA Team to investigate for Storyline 2. Is that what you are utilizing? I'll add this thread for user awareness and so that I can update when applicable.

Workarounds listed:

  • Use a different quiz slide type
  • Set the items on base layer to Hidden when user clicks Submit button trigger
Gabriel Suarez

Hi everyone, I may have found a solution to the problem you've been having. When you create a new layer, by default it shows all the objects on the base layer. When you are standing on your new layer and scroll down to the bottom in the timeline, you will see a group called Base Layer Objects, there you can choose which to hide or show. I hope this helps.